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About Us





ZMC Medical Supplies, is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the Medical Products (medical consumables, instruments and equipments) in china. We have two manufactures (ZMC Anji Sunlight Medical Products Co., Ltd. and ZMC Yangzhou Zhongyi Medical Products Co., Ltd.), several joint venture manufacturing plants and cooperate with over one hundred manufacturers.

Our company, established in April 1984, was previously a branch company of China Medicine and Health Product Import and Export Co., Ltd.. and it is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is a modern city with long history, beautiful scenery, deep humanistic connotation and developed economy. It’s one of the Seven China’s Ancient Capitals and a world famous scenic-tourist town.

ZMC now has a capital of 80 million, among that, Zhejiang International Business Group Co., Ltd. share 33.5%, and the employee interests share 66.5%. In the end of 2011, the total capital of ZMC was 948,377,700RMB. Our export products line have been expanded to cover a wide variety from the early pharmaceutical raw materials and traditional Chinese medicines(TCM) to today’s active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical products, surgical dressings & disposables, textiles and garments, pharmaceutical raw materials, industrial chemicals, botanicals & crude drugs, plant & animal extracts, food additives and health products, etc. Besides, we also have some import business. Our export and import revenue in 2011 was reach to 560 million USD, and the export revenue was high to 500 million USD.

ZMC now has 263 employees, it has formed its own system of well defined power and responsibility, independent operation and was responsible for their own profits or losses. We have established extensive and pleasant working ties with numerous manufacturers in China on a long-term basis and enjoyed a reliable marketing network over 100 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. Thus earning a good corporate image for us based on “honoring contract and faithful to our commitment”, quality service, efficient governance and risk-control management. We has earned a precious experience for the yearly steady operation and resource, and has formed ourselves enterprise culture.  

Our company is managed in conformity with ISO9001:2008, ISO13485(2003 version) and continuously providing CE and some FDA certified products to our clients at reasonable prices. Our commitment to excellence is achieved through diligent teamwork and continuous improvement for our customers’ satisfaction.